Over the last several years, we have seen an influx of patients traveling to Mexico or other countries for weight loss surgeries primarily due to lower costs.  While options, such as the gastric sleeve, may be more cost effective on the front-end, complications on the back-end can cause additional expenses. And even more important, they can cause life risks.

First consider these facts:

No quality control
How do you know if the surgeon is qualified to perform Bariatric Surgery or that the facility is adequate and clean?  Certification of surgeons and facilities in Mexico is much easier to obtain. There is no one to complain to if something goes wrong or if you have something bad happen during you experience.

Poor Follow Up Care
Surgery, even when performed in the best centers by the very best surgeons, carries inherent risk.  What happens if you suffer a complication? Will your surgeon in Mexico be available to take your phone call or see you back in his office or hospital? How long will it take to get back to the city where you had surgery?  In many cases the delay of flying to a far-off city is NOT safe and could even be fatal.  Consider the risks. 

Is it really cheaper?
If you have a complication who pays for care you may need back home?  Emergency Rooms are required to render care and hospitals will admit you and take you to surgery or care for you in the ICU. But this care can cost up to a million dollars or more!  Your insurance company likely will not cover the charges leaving you to pay.  There are several reports of families who are forced to declare bankruptcy.